Items on this blog are for amusement, and for private use in the home only. 

They are not intended for the covers or bar codes of pornographic materials or any other corporate or private property. We take no responsibility for illegal fixture to corporate property such as shop windows, displays, news stands and shelving etc.

* * * * * 


All files are Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, then download it free from the Adobe website

Stationery Box sell small packets of stickers for £1.99 per packet. Also noted are the Avery equivalent sizes. The pack quantity are for the Stationery Box stickers.

AU code Sbox code Avery code Per sheet Pack Qty Size
AU-21 11162 J8560 21 105 6.35 x 3.82 cm
AU-24 11160 J8159 24 120 6.40 x 3.40 cm
AU-65 11157 J8651 65 325 38.1 x 21.2 mm
AU-08 11159 J8165 08 040 9.91 x 6.78 cm
AU-14 11163 J8563 14 070 9.91 x 3.81 cm

If you get a printer error of ‘outside the margins’ choose IGNORE.

If you have problems/questions about the files, leave a comment in the box below – IT WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. You will need a WordPress account in order to leave a message (it’s free).


4 Responses to “Read this first !”

  1. hey, you’re cool. i see you know charlie. are you at genderberg?

  2. Garine Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m part of the Rain and Thunder Collective, a group of radical feminist women who publish Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism. I saw your blog listed at Amy’s blog (feminist reprise) and was thrilled to see the wonderful stickers posted at your site against the industry of misogyny that is pornography. Keep up the excellent work!

    I wanted to let your readers know about RadLesFes, The Radical-Feminist Lesbian Festival, which will be held May 26-29, 2007, in southern New Jersey. RadLesFes is a lesbian festival open to all radical feminist womyn. FMI: http://www.radlesfes.org


  3. We have collected a large number of articles and resources against porn at NoPornNorthampton.org. You might be especially interested in these two new video presentations that we summarize:

    Pornography and Pop Culture

    A Content Analysis of 50 Top Selling Porn Films


    Adam Cohen

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